About the Bearded Woodworker

About the Bearded Woodworker

The Bearded Woodworker crafts bespoke and custom furniture and funky items from his workshop in the Scottish Highlands. Nearly everything he makes is unique and most items can be made to specific requirements. He crafts a variety salvaged and reclaimed pieces from interesting materials such as wood, copper, steel and other metals.

My favourite material is wood. Though if I find something that's old, rusty and tells a story then I am often inspired to design a way to give it a new life. When working with salvaged materials I like to blend the finish - a cleaner, re-purposed feel juxtaposed to the scars of the previous existence. The finished product will look new and old at the same time. 

Supporting a small business

Choosing to craft for you really matters to me. I will do all that I can to listen to what you want, and for the larger projects, understand as much as I can about your preferences. In my experience this can be one of the most fun parts of the crafting process. The end of our journey is the start of the journey for your crafted item in your home. Most of the materials I work with already have a story to tell. The wood I use may have stood as a proud tree for over 250 years. Then been used as beam in a church for decades, overseeing generations of deaths, births and marriages. Before being turned into a crafted item of furniture fit for your home and another new chapter in its life.

Equally buying a crafted item is not like shopping at IKEA. The process can take time. Time to understand what you want. Time to discuss ideas. Of course it takes time in the workshop to make your item and then provide it to you. Crafting can't be rushed and nor should it be. Of course if we have a deadline and agree to meet it I will do everything I can to deliver on time.

bearded woodworker

The Bearded Woodworker with his daughter.

My son. Learning to use his own tools, but too young for his own beard!